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Benalmadena Sea Centre

The Benalmádena Sea Centre (“Classroom of the Sea”) is an interpretation centre that also focuses on nature conservation, while actually being located at the beach itself. Special leisure activities are offered for children, including guided tours through

Alicante Old Quarter

Now it is time to get acquainted with the older part of Alicante, the part of the city that really inspires visitors because of its traditions and heritage, far removed from the modern, dynamic area looking out

Alicante, St Mary’s Church

This is the oldest church in the city and was built in the Gothic style between the 14th and 16th centuries over the ruins of what was once the main mosque during the Moorish domination. The solid-looking


Marineland is the only amusement park in the Balearic Islands where you can see performing dolphins and sea lions. This mini-zoo also houses a number of aquaria containing sharks and exotic fish. As well as the sea


The historical records of Valldemossa go back to the 14th century, when the asthmatic King Sancho built this palace in the mountains to make the most of the clean air. In 1399, the palace was handed over

Alicante Harbour

What would this city be without its harbour? The harbour has been the strength of its economy for centuries, sending native products abroad and bringing in merchandise from other countries. It was once the port of Madrid,

Alicante, Monastery of the Holy Visage

This is now a nunnery of the order of St Clare located in a nearby town at 5km from the city centre. It dates from the early 16th century although the church in its current style was